SR308SC – Swimming, Bathing and Fashion

Swimming, Bathing and Fashion: A Sociological Analysis of Changing Social Trends, c.1893-2017

Project Lead: Steve Cock

Student as Researchers: Benjamin Cole & Joanne Williamson

This project will draw upon evidence from Vogue magazine in order to investigate long-term changes in day-to-day fashion of women’s swimming and bathing costumes in the period 19th century up until the present day. This will provide a sociological perspective of long-term changing attitudes towards women’s involvement in sport and leisure activities, and long-term power struggles relating to issues of gender within modern western societies.

Benjamin Cole & Joanne Williamson will be generating research from the Vogue archive online, analysing the data and drafting sections of the peer-reviews research articles. In addition to this, preparing for conferences and having the opportunity to take part in them.