Student Hosts Author Event: Mental Health Awareness Week

Content Warning: Discussions of Suicide and Bereavement
For this year’s Mental Health Awareness week, second-year English Literature student Cameron Stewart recounts his experience of hosting an author event with a focus on mental health. 

“On Tuesday the 9th of April, at the Penrith Town Library I was very fortunate to host an author event in my hometown, where I met with Andy Airey, one of the ‘three dads’ from the organisation: ‘3 Dads Walking’. 3 Dads Walking does fantastic work in raising awareness and preventing young suicide, having undertaken three national walks and amassed over a million pounds in support for the mental health charity Papyrus. Their debut book, ‘300 Miles of Hope,’ released in April, provided the focal point for our conversation. Andy has been a friend of mine for a few years and we have done charity work together. Not only was it an opportunity to dedicate time to raising awareness, but the author’s event was also a good opportunity from a literature student’s point of view to discuss the book with him. 

The event was really popular with 60 attendees who collectively contributed £200 towards the vital work of ‘3 Dads Walking.’ I am hoping to host a similar event this Autumn at the Minster where we hope to host all 3 Dads. This is still in the planning stages.”

Image of Andy Ariey from '3 Dads Walking', the Sheriff of Cumbria, and student Cameron Stewart in front of a display of books
Photograph Provided by Cameron Stewart
Learn more about 3 Dads Walking here
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