Submission Guidelines

Guidelines and Guidance Document

‘Words Matter’ is our Literature Programme blog, a dedicated space for our students, staff and alumni. Check here for the latest news on forth-coming events and for opinion, commentary and reviews by your peers on the programme. The blog also explores, celebrates and promotes the ethos of our programme team, which is the belief that literature provides the means of interrogating and understanding the world we live in. We are therefore interested in exploring what literature can tell us about identity, politics and culture.

Our Mission

All posts published on our blogs should fall under one or more of the following categories:

  1. Student Announcement. Such a post is intended to make students aware of a relevant internal or external opportunities or events.
  2. Programme Community. Such a post will report upon activities or events that have taken place that in some way involved (or may have been of interest too) Literature students. This community extends to our Alumni.
  3. Recruitment and Widening Participation. Such a post will offer information of interest to prospective students, ideally demonstrating the diversity of enrichment and engagement open to students on our programme.
  4. Commentary. Such a post, likely published with the ‘Words Matter’ prefix, with offer discussion of how the skills and knowledge developed and promoted on the Literature Programme might help better understand or interrogate topical issues, events or cultural artefacts. The category may include anything from opinion pieces on, for example, urgent topical matters to reviews of recent films, texts or plays.
  5. New Writing. The Creative Writing blog provides a platform for new creative and critical writing for current students.

Our Audiences

All posts should be written to address one or more of the following audiences:

  1. Our current students and colleagues
  2. Prospective students
  3. Our Alumni
  4. External audiences interested in Literature/Creative Writing