Feedback activity

Students submit a section (or a plan with an outline of their argument) of their assignment as a draft approximately 4 weeks before the final submission date. Students are given feedback (not a mark) using the following proforma within 2-3 weeks. This gives the students a minimum of 2 weeks to use the feedback to change their assignment and to say they had used their feedback.

Name of student: —————————–Section 1/Section 2 Delete as appropriate
Strengths of the submitted section Tutor comments 



Areas to develop Tutor comments: Student comments: What did you do to address the areas suggested by the tutor? How did you incorporate the suggestions made by the tutor into your final submission? What do you think you have learned from the feedback you have received?

On submission of the final assignment students were required to complete the right hand box of the proforma and attach it and their original draft as an appendix. 10% of the marks for the final assignment were allocated to the students responses to feedback as on the proforma.

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