New course layout in 2.3

I really like the new Moodle course layout in 2.3 “Show one section per page”. It really helps to save space on the page and seems to break the content down nicely into succinct sections. I can image it being really helpful in the future if the Moodle courses effectively become the module handbooks.

I’m wondering whether we should set this as the default option for all courses when we move to 2.3. We can always let people know that they can switch back to the old format if they want to.

My main concern about doing that is that when tutors come to their Moodle courses, until they turn editing on, they don’t see the resources that are available in each topic area. I can imagine that some people will panic at this stage and wonder where all their stuff has gone! We could potentially address this through our training and information, but there will undoubtedly be those people who either don’t attend or don’t read the information. The question is, how prepared are we to deal with the support queries which might arise from this.

The other option is to phase it in over the course of SEM 2, letting people know that it is available, promoting it as a preferred course type and then making the full switch in 2013/14.

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