Mahara Theme Update

We’re starting the process of updating our Mahara theme, to bring it in line with our new Moodle theme, which was implemented last summer. To do this we’re commissioning Bas (@BasBrands), the same designer who created our Moodle theme, and the work should be starting at the beginning of May.

In the meantime, I’ve been looking around at other institutions, and what they have done with their Mahara themes, and it ranges from basic colour changes, to significant theme re-designs. Here are some of the examples that were shared with me by the Mahara community:

What do you think of the themes in the slideshow above? What would you like to see from our new Mahara theme?


Phil Vincent

Phil’s focus is to work across Faculties to support the implementation of the Academic Strategy, and in particular contribute to the effective development and implementation of technology enhanced learning.

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  1. Mark Dransfield says:

    I think the interface for Mahara has always been quite off-putting, particularly for those who are not technically minded. Right from the landing page (whether you’re logged in or not), the three columns titled ‘create and collect, organise, share and network’ though informative, aren’t inviting or enticing for the user. What should be at the forefront of the design is the philosophy that this is a user-owned system and as such it needs to be something users want to use and enjoy using. I appreciate that appropriate functionality combined with a well designed interface is heavily influential for realising the last point.

    I’d be in favour of a much more user friendly interface which contained photographic images and pictures of people perhaps (though fraught with issues of choice and appropriateness). I think that this would soften and personalise the interface a lot more, drawing users in and making them want to use the system. I like what SOLENT have done with theirs.

    Finally, I think the new theme design needs to be stylistically aligned with the university’s branding guidelines and its sister system, Moodle.

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