I remember my A levels

Thinking back, completing my A levels seems like a long time ago but at the same time, I feel like they could have occurred last week! I finished my A levels in 2014 and I found it to be a stressful time. Saying that, I liked the challenge that they provided and I was proud of myself when they had been completed.

On results day itself, I remember the build up being immense. I knew the number of points I had to achieve in my final exams to reach the grades needed for university and I remember thinking about this a lot over the summer. It’s difficult as results day comes after something like a two month break, so it’s a long anxious wait. During the summer itself, I tried to stay busy and I was working full time at McDonalds.

The day itself began with a rough night’s sleep. I doubt many of us can sleep before something like results day. It’s like the sleep before a holiday in a weird sort of way. However, it was before 7am and I turned on the computer and kept checking. Results on UCAS were released pretty early about 7:45 I think and after refreshing the page quite a lot of times, I saw the result. I had done it – I had met the number of points required and was going to my first choice of York St John. At first, I remember just shouting for my mum and she came rushing in and she was so happy! I don’t think it had hit me yet…. I had spent months waiting and it is always like an anti climax. I still had no idea how well I had done in my actual exams so was probably still anxious about that but I was so relieved. I had done it – was on my way of reaching my goal of becoming a primary teacher.

After this, it was preparation of coming to university. I kept working full time until the day before I left to begin university so packing was probably a bit last minute. But we did it, packed everything including things that I would never have thought of packing. Had an emotional farewell to family and was excited to start the next chapter of my life.


I’m Mike and have just completed my second year studying Primary Education at York St John. I have really enjoyed my time in York so far and am excited to start my final year, before becoming a qualified teacher hopefully!

In my spare time, I like to be busy! I am currently a student ambassador whilst at university and also work at McDonalds whenever I am home. I also enjoy catching up with family and friends and travelling.

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