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We have returned!

No, we are still here! The last few weeks have been very busy at YSJ. The first years have started their final placement, the second years are out on their Settings Other than Schools...


Why choose YSJ and Primary Education?

As our students all return from their Easter holidays, the third years have finished they final placement and are about to submit their research projects. The second years are still on placement – finishing...


What should no teacher be without?

Everyone has views about education and what they think makes a good teacher. But what should no teacher be without? Well we asked the tutors who teach on the programme and here is a...


Why not join a society?

University is not only about lectures, reading and assignments. There is also time to make new friends and socialise and one of the best ways to do this is to join a sports club...


Getting into schools!

People often think that university is all about long lectures in huge lecture halls with the tutor at the front telling you things. But if you are coming to join us at YSJ on...


Coming to YSJ? Let us help you…

Coming to university is a very big step for everyone. Not only is there all the aspects of living away from home to get to grips with but there is all the aspects of...


Facebook Live Webinar: Mastery and Q/A

This week we had our second Facebook Live webinar to support NQT/RQTs. Hosted by Louise Whitfield, Linda Mason was featured to provide information and her expertise on Mastery and Helen Price joined the panel...


Ofsted praise for York uni’s teacher training

The Press – a local York newspaper reported on our recent OFSTED inspection. “A UNIVERSITY department responsible for training the next generation of teachers has been given a glowing report by inspectors. Ofsted rated...


Facebook Live!

This week we had a LIVE facebook webinar. The purpose of this was to bring our NQTs up to date with news and documentation as well as answering their questions live. The panel consisted of Peter Raymond, Louise Whitfield and Keither Parker with Ian Wilson dealing with the technical side of things.


Moving on Transition

Well, the students have all left uni now and despite popular belief I am not on holiday from May until September but busy with planning and preparation, research, visiting and working with schools, and getting back into blogging on this site. I am currently enjoying a week working in school alongside teachers on a variety of STEM activities including investigating skittles, creating an eco-classroom and investigating bridges and bug hotels. As well as this, it would appear that many NQT’s are actually heading out into school to work alongside their new classes. These transition hours/days/weeks are very important but there is always that discussion what you should actually do within this time. This seemed to be a perfect opportunity for me to give you some idea which I have done in the past and what I think are the important elements of a transition day.

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