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Why choose YSJ and Primary Education?

As our students all return from their Easter holidays, the third years have finished they final placement and are about to submit their research projects. The second years are still on placement – finishing...


Moving on Transition

Well, the students have all left uni now and despite popular belief I am not on holiday from May until September but busy with planning and preparation, research, visiting and working with schools, and getting back into blogging on this site. I am currently enjoying a week working in school alongside teachers on a variety of STEM activities including investigating skittles, creating an eco-classroom and investigating bridges and bug hotels. As well as this, it would appear that many NQT’s are actually heading out into school to work alongside their new classes. These transition hours/days/weeks are very important but there is always that discussion what you should actually do within this time. This seemed to be a perfect opportunity for me to give you some idea which I have done in the past and what I think are the important elements of a transition day.


In search for that elusive job….

This actually leads me onto the topic of this waffle – no, its not about wraps – its about jobs. As I have been writing references it has got me thinking about what would be my advice for searching out, applying for and succeeding in securing that elusive first job.

10 top tips to my freshers self! 0

10 top tips to my freshers self!

Katie is currently completing the Primary Education Programme and has written a blog post detailing her 10 Top Tips to herself for Freshers’ Week. Definitely worth a read!


Advice for Second Years!

First of all, I’d like to start things off with a quick apology and explanation. To those of you who read the blog regularly you’ll know that I am not the most reliable blogger...

Preparing For University… 0

Preparing For University…

Hello everyone, Today I am going to talk about preparing for university, what I did beforehand my first day, about making friends, university life and university work. So to begin with I started York...


Keeping up to date with education.

Education is like the sand on a beach. No, I don’t mean that it is moved along the coast via long shore drift or that it gets into your ‘sandwiches’ or even that it has that annoying habit of getting between your toes and seems impossible to remove! Education, like sand, is always shifting.


OFSTED: The pros and the cons

First of all, I’ll just start by saying that I am sorry that my uploads have been all over the place of late. With placement it’s been difficult for me to manage everything and get it all done for a deadline! After placement you can expect and article every fortnight, give or take a few days.

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