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Hello everyone,

Today I am going to talk about preparing for university, what I did beforehand my first day, about making friends, university life and university work.

So to begin with I started York St John University in 2014 to study Primary Education (5-11). Once I had secured my place at university on result day, I started to get really excited. So what did I do beforehand?

1. Researched lists on what I would need to take to university. I went online and researched what do I need to take to university when living in halls of residence. Here are just a few of the websites I have found with lists that helped me out…

What to take to University

What to take to university checklist

These websites are great. You can pick and choose which items you feel you will need at university. Some people will usually end up with so much more than others, but don’t worry you can always buy more items when you arrive.

Also, talk to other people, for example older family members or friends, about what they took and what they found to be most useful. My one tip is to take a door stop! After all you want to make friends so leaving your door open shows you’re welcoming and inviting to your fellow ‘halls of residence’ friends.

2. IKEA- Oh my, IKEA is a must before university. Once I had my list of what I needed, I took a trip to IKEA mainly for the kitchen essentials although it is always good to make sure you look around in supermarkets and places like Argos before making any final decisions in order to find a good deal. I’ll warn you now kitting out to become a student is expensive so it’s important you find a good price.

3. Another thing I did beforehand was join all the Facebook groups to do with YSJ and my accommodation. I found out my accommodation before I knew if I’d definitely got into university. I then found The Grange accommodation 2014-2015 Facebook page and started scrolling to see if anyone was in the same flat as me. I then found my housemate Ciara she had commented saying ‘Anyone in 205 Baldwin House?’. I was so excited to get chatting find out where she was from and what she was going to be studying. Then over the next two weeks more of my housemates were found through the Facebook group. Just before starting university the five of us who were in the flat together made a group chat so we could all discuss what we were brining. I would HIGHLY recommend joining the Facebook group of your accommodation. If you’re going to commute to university there was also a group for people who were commuting ūüôā

Once you have been given your accommodation and you have spoke to your fellow flat mates then you can start to concentrate on preparing for your course…

4. Many students will create Facebook groups for people to join who are on the same course for example (Primary Education 5-11 Year 2016/2017). I would recommend that you join these groups and start chatting to possible course friends. This would allow you to get to know people who you will be spending the next three years with.

So one thing everyone has questions about is FRESHERS WEEK!

This will be a week of your life you will never forget whether you want to go out clubbing or simply stay at the student union relaxing there is something for everyone. On the University Facebook pages they will inform you on how to buy tickets for nights out or get your freshers t-shirt for the final day. Here is the link to the freshers website where you will also be able to access the details of Freshers week: Click here

During Freshers week you may have some introductory lessons these will show on your timetable which will be released by the end of August. Instructions on how to access your timetable should be emailed to you before beginning university in September.

Finally remember, university is three years of your life that you will never forget! You will have hard times and good times but overall it will be the best three years of your life!

Thank you for reading,

If you’re coming to York St John University in September see you in September!


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