Introducing the OT Social Media Team!

In today’s post Maria Parks tells us about the exciting Occupational Therapy Social Media Project…


In September 2015, I successfully applied for funding from the University’s Academic Development Directorate’s ‘Students as Partners in Curriculum Design’ scheme, which has funded two undergraduate students to help us develop the social media platforms.

Who are the Project Team?

Maria Parks – Project Supervisor

Kerry Sorby – Project Team member

Josh Makuch – Marketing Management student (Social Media Expert)

Jess Olsen-Wells- English Literature student (Project Management and Editing Expert)

Why the need for this project?

Prior to this project, the Programme’s digital presence was via the University’s webpages and individual academic Twitter accounts. It was felt that we needed a more effective digital presence and should embrace the use of social media to be able to communicate with a wider internal and external audience and disseminate to the wider world, and share all the wonderful things we get up to here on the OT programme at YSJU. So really we want to use social media as our communication and marketing campaign.

What will the project do?

With the Students as Partners in Curriculum Design grant we are paying our two students Jess and Josh to help us produce this Blog and manage our programme Twitter account.
We also want to use these platforms to encourage our student and staff to use social media for publication opportunities and also to keep in touch with our alumni (staff & graduates). There will also be opportunities for students and staff to gain experience on the editorial board for the blog.

The funding finishes in July 2016, by which time we will have established a lively blog.

How will you disseminate the project?

In June 2016, Maria Parks and Kerry Sorby will be presenting a poster about the project in Galway, Ireland at the COTEC-ENOTE conference.


Final year student studying English Literature at YSJ.
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