Getting into schools!

People often think that university is all about long lectures in huge lecture halls with the tutor at the front telling you things. But if you are coming to join us at YSJ on our Primary Education programme then you better be prepared for something different! As well as engaging with sessions within unviersity, the best way to try out what you are learning is to get into school and have a go! Although you have organised placements across your three years of the programme you also go into school to complete specific activities. This week the first years prepared Phonics Games and headed off into local schools to try them out! Have a look at some of their games – what would you create next year?

Ian Wilson

Currently working in higher education as a senior lecturer teaching primary mathematics, science and computing on the initial teacher education (ITE) programmes. I have a keen interest in e-pedagogy especially how technology and social media can be used to support teaching and learning.

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