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Facebook Live!

This week we had a LIVE facebook webinar. The purpose of this was to bring our NQTs up to date with news and documentation as well as answering their questions live. The panel consisted of Peter Raymond, Louise Whitfield and Keither Parker with Ian Wilson dealing with the technical side of things.


Pros and Cons to using online resources

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I’d discuss the pros and cons of using online resources to support teaching and learning. For me it is one thing I do stress about, I love all the ideas on the internet but is it an easy way out?

Here are my discussion points as to why you may or may not use online resources:


Preparing for placement…

SE1 was a daunting process full of its highs and lows. The great outcomes I received in my appraisals have really given me a boost of confidence for SE2.
Preparing for SE2 is a nerve-racking yet an exciting prospect. I believe the key to success of SE2 is organisation and passion.

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