Preparing for placement…

SE1 was a daunting process full of its highs and lows. The great outcomes I received in my appraisals have really given me a boost of confidence for SE2.
Preparing for SE2 is a nerve-racking yet an exciting prospect. I believe the key to success of SE2 is organisation and passion.

My tips for starting a school placement are:

  • – Be organised, every tutor will talk about how you need to be organised from day 1 with your files or you will be in a sticky situation by the end of the year… I tell you now they are not wrong. Make sure you collect as much evidence from your school placement to store, these will become handy when you start having interviews for jobs.
  • – Make sure that when you are hitting the teaching standards you note it down. Every bit of evidence counts.
  • – Make sure you plan in advance. The last thing you want to be doing is rushing a lesson plan on a Sunday night- oh boy we’ve all been there but it’s not a nice experience!
  • – Get lots of sleep, sleep is very important when on a school placement. It is crucial that you are wide awake and on the ball every day when you’re in school.
  • My advice for the first few preparation days in SE2:

  • – Get to know the staff, who is responsible for SEN, the deputy head, the Head teacher and mainly your mentor and class teacher.
  • – Stay behind after school discuss any concerns or queries with your class teacher. Also, offer your help, do they need anything doing. It is important to show that you are keen to stay behind and offer your support.
  • – Take your files to school every day, you never know when you may need them. They also provide evidence of what you have done previously.
  • – Ensure you are filling out daily reflections, these allow you to reflect on your day, what have you learnt, what are your next steps etc…
  • – Most importantly… Get to know the children, the children are the main priority. Are there any children that require special provisions, also find out about any behavioural issues and the different abilities.

  • Comment below any questions you have about school placements and I’ll be sure to try my best and answer them.

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