Institute of Cultural Affairs, Spain, supports social entrepreneurs with crowdfunding campaign

OUR FIRST CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN TO CREATE A NETWORK OF SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS Within the framework of York St John-led Erasmus Mundus project about the social and solidarity economy, the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Spain, has started on a crowdfunding campaign through the Spanish solidarity platform ‘GOTEO’ The campaign is aiming to create and unite a… Read More »

Tackling poor living conditions in the Nairobi slums

The Social Economy in Higher Education international project seeks to encourage universities to question what they teach and whether they are teaching a range of relevant economic models for students to engage with. The School of Finance and Economic at Strathmore University in Kenya shows clear commitment to addressing complex social issues in its community. Interview… Read More »

For-profit and non-profit collaboration proposal for Ukraine

People-Centered Economic Development UK (P_CED) is an autonomous social enterprise which has been engaged in Eastern Europe since 1999. Jeff Mowatt from P_Ced has written this article for the blog. The approach taken and described below, of cross-sector collaboration for community benefit, is the theme of our conference 1-3 Sept 2015, in York, UK Research in… Read More »

More than a 3 day conference

The Erasmus Mundus Social Economy in Higher Education project is celebrating an international conference in York St John University, UK, from 1st – 3rd Sept, 2015. It is also a celebration of 1000 days of collaborative work about the social economy by universities in the UK, Bolivia, Peru, Portugal and Spain. Called Universities developing social… Read More »

Characteristics of an informal banking and credit system in an urban slum in Kenya

This social/solidarity economy in higher education project seeks to gain a greater understanding of people-centered economic activity, so that this can inform teaching and practice at universities. We are very grateful to Mary Mutinda: and Mercy Kano: from Strathmore University, Kenya, for this article. The Mukuru slum, made up of the Mukuru kwa Njenga and… Read More »

More than a 3 day conference …..

  See the conference website Submit an abstract for a presentation or poster by 20th April, 2015 The conference will give an opportunity to share practice and experiences of universities in teaching and researching social entrepreneurship and business for social purposes. Meet and interact with delegates from 4 continents. Participants so far confirmed from the… Read More »

Sustainable development and universities: Institutionalising sustainable development into universities: advantages & solutions

This is the 3rd article in the series of 4 by Sorina Antonescu. See overview of articles here >> 1.      Universities and the Challenge of Larger Systems Interactions According to Velazquez et al. (2006, p. 812) a sustainable university can be defined as A higher educational institution, as whole or as a part that addresses, involves… Read More »

Sustainable Development and Universities: Institutionalising Sustainable Development into University Curricula: Setbacks

This is the 2nd article in the series of 4 by Sorina Antonescu. See overview of articles here >>       HEIs and the greater society: where do they stand? It is a truth universally acknowledged amongst our government representatives, economists and the mainstream media that we’re living in a time of austerity characterised by economic,… Read More »

Sustainable Development and Universities: Combining the New and the Old

In this series of four articles written  for the Social Economy in Higher Education project by Sorina Antonescu , the concept of sustainability in relation to higher education institutions is discussed. In this first article, she starts by discussing the notion of sustainability and sustainable development (SD) from a historical perspective and then breaks it down into more… Read More »

Values and dimensions of entrepreneurship in the solidarity economy – a view from Brazil

News: We are delighted that Dr Antonio Cruz, former National Coordinator (Brazil) of the Network of Popular Cooperatives of University Incubators will be speaking at the conference at York St John University, 1-3 Sept 2015 In Latin America and Africa the term social and solidarity economy is used to refer to “organisations that have explicit economic AND social… Read More »

Leading thinkers and practitioners in social entrepreneurship add diverse voices to conference

Leading thinkers and practitioners from universities in the field of co-operativism, business through the lense of human rights, enterprise incubators in the solidarity economy and innovation in the public sector will be presenting key notes at the international conference called ‘Universities developing social entrepreneurship through cross-sector collaboration’ 1-3 Sept, 2015 in York, UK.  The conference… Read More »