We Need You: Become a Writer for Words Matter!

‘Words Matter’ is our Literature Programme blog, a dedicated space for our students, staff and alumni. Check here for the latest news on forth-coming events and for opinion, commentary and reviews by your peers on the programme. The blog also explores, celebrates and promotes the ethos of our programme team, which is the belief that literature provides the means of interrogating and understanding the world we live in. We are therefore interested in exploring what literature can tell us about identity, politics and culture.

Writing for Words Matter

Writing for our blog is a great way of building vital experience of engaging different audiences, whilst also sharing your ideas with peers and contributing meaningfully to the community on our programme.

  • Be an Ad-Hoc Writer: If you’d just like to write occasionally (for instance, if you want to share your views on a text or event, or you want to write a one-off topical piece), simply contact one of the blog editors Adam J Smith or Saffron Walkling with your idea.
  • Be a Staff Writer: Adam and Saffron occasionally identify topics to be covered or events to be reviewed. These are first offered to our Staff Writers (typically a staff writer will contribute 3-5 pieces to the blog per academic year). If you are interested in becoming a regular writer, contact Adam or Saffron.
  • Be a Sub-Editor: In addition to writing regularly for the blog, co-editors also format and upload work by other students, workshop ideas for features and series and recruit fellow students to the blog team. They are also a friendly, informal point of contact for new writers. If you are interested in becoming a sub editor, contact Adam or Saffron.

Regular Features

Autumn:                       YSJ Comfort Reads week

Spring:                          Dissertation Corner


Categories:   Commentary, Community Events (and News), Dissertation Corner, Comfort Reads, Careers Development, Graduate Stories, Podcasts

 Your Sub Editors for 2018-2019:

Adam Cummins

Ellie Anderson-Ingham

Charlotte Stevenson

Sub-Editors will send messages out to our mailing list looking for reporters to cover particular topics. Contact them if you are interested in a particular piece, or if you want to pitch an idea. Our sub-editors will upload your draft to the blog. They may advise on edits or corrections to make sure it fits our house style. All posts will then be approved and published by either Adam or Saffron after final checks.

If in doubt, though, you can always email Adam or Saffron and they will refer you to an available sub-editor.