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Being LGBT and studying abroad event

We’re holding an event in collaboration with the University of York on issues for LGBT students studying abroad. This is a follow-up to a joint event on working abroad that took place at the University of York last week. The focus is on studying abroad in countries where LGBT people are faced with criminalisation or hostility, including a look at how this can be managed and what measures can be put in place.

We’re looking for people to contribute their experiences, with the intention of informing policy and documenting best practice. We’re primarily looking for students (including PhD candidates), but we would welcome the staff perspective too.

The event will be held roughly 12:30-14:00 on Monday 27 April. If you’re interested in contributing, contact Andy. Please do let others know too!

Leadership masterclass with Ruth Hunt

Ruth Hunt

Touchstone, a Leeds-based BME-focused health and wellbeing charity, are hosting a leadership masterclass to be delivered by Stonewall Chief Executive Ruth Hunt. She will discuss her experiences, successes and challenges in leadership and being an LGBT role model.

The event will take place 12:00-14:00 on Thursday 19 May in Leeds. For more information, email Touchstone (office@touchstonesupport.org.uk).

Ynda Jas

Founding Secretary of the LGBT Staff Network and former Equality Champion for Registry, where I was based in the Academic Quality Support team. Also founder of York LGBTQ+ History and Non-binary London, and DJ coordinator at Bar Wotever, an iconic weekly queer cabaret event. They/them.

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