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LGBT+ History Month 2022

LGBT+ History Month takes place every February, and aims to raise awareness of the LGBT+ community’s history, lives and experiences in education, culture and society The theme for 2022 is Politics in Art: ‘The...

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LGBT+ History Month at York St John

Lord Mayor’s Walk light up from LGBT+ History Month 2019    LGBT+ History Month 2021 is here! At York St John we have lots planned and we hope you’ll join us to celebrate the...

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BiVisibility: perspectives from a bisexual academic

I have faced fairly loaded and scathing questions from individuals who identify as homosexual as to why I refer to myself as “bisexual” than “pansexual”. I explained, it doesn’t mean I’m not gender blind, or not supportive of trans individuals. I also reminded them that any given sexual identity is not “better” or “worse” than another.