Update: International Transgender Day of Remembrance; #NoBystanders pledge

International Transgender Day of Remembrance

International Transgender Day of Remembrance provides a moment to remember all those who have fallen victim to transphobic intolerance and violence, losing their lives in the process. In partnership with the Chaplaincy, we are inviting staff, students and the public to drop in to the small prayer room in the chapel between 16:00 and 16:15 on Friday 20 November. There will be a display just outside the room and an opportunity to light a candle in memory inside.

#NoBystanders pledge

Many thanks to those who managed to make it to our last-minute #NoBystanders pledge during a busy week, vowing never to stand for intolerant and discriminatory behaviour. A photo of the group is below!


Ynda Jas

Founding Secretary of the LGBT Staff Network and former Equality Champion for Registry, where I was based in the Academic Quality Support team. Also founder of York LGBTQ+ History and Non-binary London, and DJ coordinator at Bar Wotever, an iconic weekly queer cabaret event. They/them.

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