Posters in Parliament

Posters in Parliament is an annual event which brings together a collection of the best undergraduate research from around the country. This year’s event took place on Tuesday 20 February at the Houses of Parliament in London.The event is part of the British Conference of Undergraduate Research, which takes place on 12-13 April at the University of Sheffield.

I attended the event this year with a view to York St John entering next year and I hope that some of you will be keen to be involved.

Each University that is represented invites their local MPs to attend, this enables policy makers to see first hand some the most innovative research taking place.

There are two exhibitions of posters at the event followed by speeches and prize giving. The winner receives £500 and two commendations of £250 are also awarded.

We will be selecting the two best posters from this year’s Talking about Teaching Conference to enter Posters in Parliament 2019. Two prizes of £30 Amazon vouchers will be awarded to the best Undergraduate research posters. Judges decisions will be based on combined quality of the content and design.

The call for contributions is now open  The deadline for submissions is midnight on Friday 20 April. 

For more information about the conference please email or
call Sara Bath, Academic Development Co-ordinator.
E: T: 01904 876305

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  1. Rhian Barton says:

    Looks like you had a great time Sara! Looks like a great experience if some students as researchers get the chance to go in 2019!