Beyond the Walls 2020: Call for Contributions on Contemporary Change

The blog and podcast team behind the Beyond the Walls anthology have written a piece on what they are looking for in their submissions. They also share some tips on which themes you can choose to write about.

By Olivia Fyfe

We are excited to announce that the theme for the 2020 edition of the Beyond the Walls anthology is drumroll please – Contemporary Change!

The call for submissions has gone out, and the Editing Team are eagerly awaiting this year’s submissions to come flooding in.

But what exactly is contemporary change? Well it is quite simply change that has occurred or is occurring in the present day. There are lots of possible options to write about. Change is such a varied and wide topic, that there are bound to be plenty of subjects written about in this year’s anthology. But if you’re feeling a bit stuck, here are a few possible ideas.

As students, we are currently undergoing a considerable change. Going from being a teenager to an adult is no small matter. During our time at university we have to learn how to live independently, find housing, pay bills, vote, and so many other things that are crucial to adult life. University is also a great time to explore who you are. The newfound freedom of not living with your parents can lead to finding new hobbies, making new friends, changing your appearance, and so much more. By the time we leave uni, we will all have changed and grown significantly.

But this year’s theme isn’t just about personal change. Our country is undergoing a huge change at the moment thanks to Brexit. As of the 31st January we are now no longer part of the EU. Whether you are pro-Remain, pro-leave, or you’ve reached the point where if you hear another thing about Brexit you’re going to scream, it is undeniable that the whole thing is going to lead to a great many changes in our country.

Another change that is dominating the news at the moment is the issues surrounding Climate Change. With movements such as the Extinction Rebellion, and Fridays for Future, this issue has never been more present in the media. Plus, with the world’s scientists setting a deadline of 2030 to radically change the levels of carbon dioxide in our environment before irreversible damage is done, not to mention all the plastic pollution choking our oceans, now is a very good time to write about this issue.
And with all this in mind, I leave you with this quote from William H. Gass:

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.

Submission guidelines can be found here, together with the closing date.