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Theatre Students at YSJ Carol Concert in York Minster

York Minster
 Theatre Students performing in York Minster

The University Christmas carol service was held in York Minster last Sunday 8th December.  Attended by around 1500 people this was a huge audience for the 13 Level One Theatre students involved in the ‘theatrical reflection’ as part of the service.

Based on the theme ‘I have a dream‘, students worked with staff to devise a piece that would have visual impact in such an impressive space.  They used text from Martin Luther King’s speech, familiar songs about dreaming and projected dreamlike video images onto 4ft helium balloons suspended above heads.

 Students become dream-givers and dreamers.

At the beginning of the service they also we allowed to access a little used window ledge above the nave where they looked like angels! Joined by the University Chamber Choir stood below, they sang their dream sequence of songs before the service, creating an atmosphere and introducing the theme of the event.  The chamber choir also accompanied the piece whilst the students were processing down the aisle and collaborated with the final call of ‘Let freedom ring’.

There has been some great feedback from the University and congregation who were ‘moved and inspired’ by the work.


Performance of the Self – Performances

Performance of the Self is a level 2 module, which invites students to read their own life experience as text. This year 20 students signed-up to the module and have all decided to create solo pieces of work, ranging from 15-30-minutes in length and covering a diversity of concerns from Alzheimer’s to Personality Disorder, from meditations on saying thank you to what it means to be a man. This work can be seen on 10, 11 & 12th December 2013, schedule below.

As an enhancement to the module, Performing House hosted three autobiographical performances: Terrorists of the Heart by YSJ theatre and performance lecturers Jules Dorey RIchmond and David Richmond, and a double bill: What a Fanny! by Leyla Coll O’Reilly and Pick Yourself Up and Dust Yourself Down, by Aby Watson, both recent graduates of the BA Contemporary Performance Practice (CPP) course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Students were also fortunate to work with Leyla and Aby, as well as attend a workshop with the critically acclaimed artist Adrian Howells, who asked the students to confront risk, cost, and power relationships in autobiographical performance.

Assessment Schedule: –

Tuesday 10th December

Rebecca Rein 14:40 – Theatre 3
Jake Winterburn 15:20 – Theatre 2 (invite only)
Sam Wilkinson 16:00 – Arts Workshop
Emma Gullon 16:40 – Theatre 3 (invite only)
Clare Marsh 17:20 – Theatre 2
Jess Chaney 18:00 – Arts Workshop
Lily Hewitt 18:20 – Theatre 3

Wednesday 11th December

Can Komleksiz 15:20 – Theatre 2
Laura Becker 16:00 – Theatre 3
Jennie Day 16:40 – Arts Workshop
Cameron Morton 17:20 – Theatre 2
Lisa Donnelly 18:00 – Theatre 3
Angela Lofthouse 18:40 – Arts Workshop (invite only)

Thursday 12th December

Naomi Dale 14:40 – Theatre 2
Emily Midgley 15:20 – Arts Workshop
Hattie Slevin 16:00 – Theatre 3
Sarah Cumberland 16:40 – Theatre 2
Claire Marsh 17:20 – Arts Workshop
Amy Woodier 18:00 – Theatre 3
Chance Marshall 18:40 – Theatre 2


All performances are free, everyone is welcome.