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A Response to King Lear: They Kill us for their Sport


Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th May 2015

8:00pm at Guildhall

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Through fragmented images, snatched conversations and half remembered events, York St John’s second year theatre students have created their production as a reconsidering of William Shakespeare’s King Lear.  It has been composed in response to the student’s recent secular pilgrimage to Auschwitz; to try and answer the question “how will we remember when all the witnesses are gone?”

This work is presented as part of the York International Shakespeare Festival.

Please note that the meeting point for this event is York St John University, we will then walk to The Guildhall for the performance. More information

Politics and the Play

At the end of Semester 1 Level 2 Theatre Students presented a devised performance responding to research into Human Rights Abuses and the media coverage of the political prisoners Pussy Riot. Using found texts and excerpts from Harold Pinter’s ‘One for the Road’ and Simon Stephens’ ‘Pornography’ the students created a scenographic landscape of absent bodies, debris of clothing inspired by the work of artist Christian Boltanski.

2013-14 Political Performance
2013-14 Political Performance
2013-14 Political Performance
2013-14 Political Performance
2013-14 Political Performance
2013-14 Political Performance

‘Three’ Performance – Thursday 19th Sept

ThreeWe’ve lost the beautiful words.” 

In an abandoned space where nobody goes, three performers stand silently on stage, anticipating an audience. They’re ill rehearsed, they can’t find the words, and though they’re not ready to show, it must go on.

Tick-tock goes the clock. We’re sorry. So very, very sorry. Ladies and Gentlemen…’Three'”

Thursday 19th September 2012

2:00pm in Theatre 1

Written by Level 2 Students Benjamin Rosenfield, Charlotte Goodlad and Jonathan Curd. Performed by Mikhail Lim, Charlotte Goodlad and Jonathan Curd. ‘Three’ Combining the influences of Samuel Beckett, the Rat Pack and Dr. Suess, ‘Three’ is an intertextual performance that plays with the nonsensical phono-aesthetics of every-day language and 1950’s pop culture.