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Performance and Phenomenology Book Launch


York St John Theatre Lecturer Eirini Nedelkopoulou has published an edited book with Maaike Bleeker and Jon Foley Sherman entitled ‘Performance and Phenomenology: Traditions and Transformations’.

Eirini Nedelkopoulou (L) & Maaike Bleeker (R) speaking at the ‘Performance & Phenomenology’ Book Launch, Grey’s Court Hotel, York

Published by Routledge the book offers a timely discussion about the interventions and tensions between two contested and contentious fields, performance and phenomenology, with international case studies that map an emerging 21st century terrain of critical and performance practice. Building on the foundational texts of both fields that established the performativity of perception and cognition, Performance and Phenomenology continues a tradition that considers experience to be the foundation of being and meaning. Acknowledging the history and critical polemics against phenomenological methodology and against performance as a field of study and category of artistic production, the volume provides both an introduction to core thinkers and an booklaunch2expansion on their ideas in a wide range of case studies. Whether addressing the use of dead animals in performance, actor training, the legal implications of thinking phenomenologically about how we walk, or the intertwining of digital and analog perception, each chapter explores a world comprised of embodied action and thought. The established and emerging scholars contributing to the volume develop insights central to the phenomenological tradition while expanding on the work of contemporary theorists and performers. In asking why performance and phenomenology belong in conversation together, the book suggests how they can transform each other in the process and what is at stake in this transformation.

Theatre Academic research with Yorkshire Innovation Funding

Arts Company KMA is chasing further success thanks to £29k funding from the Yorkshire Innovation Fund (YIF), a project part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Through the YIF programme, the company will undertake its latest challenge: a research development project with York St John University, which aims to re-develop their business model to capitalise on the company’s reputation within the public arts market.  The audience enhancement research will be conducted by Dr. Eirini Nedelkopoulou (YSJ), whose expertise focuses on participatory approaches to interactive and digital practices in art and performance.

The funding follows a joint smaller innovation project between KMA and York St John University one year ago also led by Dr. Nedelkopoulou, which helped the company to examine how audiences react and engage with a particular work. The public and interactive nature of KMA’s work brought about the necessity to expand on audience building mechanisms and experiment with the making and ‘breaking’ of communities within the public sphere. This knowledge helped to inform the company how to design work that reaches more heterogeneous audiences and different markets.


KMA develops cutting-edge technical pieces of film, music, theatre and public art installations which have been shown around the globe, from Shanghai to Trafalgar Square. Their work has included live visuals and interactive projections for the likes of Paolo Nutini and Prince, and they are currently working on a feature-length film adaptation of Macbeth. KMA public works are large scale hybrid digital-performance works of art that are designed to engage the general public with public spaces in new and innovative ways.

Special Issue of International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media

Double U – view of the immersant in at TCI, Paris, 2009. © Eric Joris.
Double U – view of the immersant in at TCI, Paris, 2009. © Eric Joris.

YSJ Theatre Lecturer Dr Eirini Nedelkopoulou has edited a special issue of the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media. This special issue, edited with Mary Oliver (MMU) is entitled ‘Hybridities: The intersections between performance and science and the digital‘ and considers productive interactions between performance and mathematics, physics, neuroscience, biology and computation. Asking questions of how science nourishes, moves and changes performance and performance studies through the development of digital tools.

Dr Nedelkopoulou has also contributed to the issue with an interview with belgian-based immersive art company CREW (pictured).