We deliver regular webinars for our ECTs. These are led by ITE staff and YSJ Graduates and focus on areas that we are aware may be priorities for ECTs. In late summer/ early autumn, our webinars focus on preparing for your ECT induction and the advice in the early stages of your career. Webinars in late autumn and spring focus on priority areas. Our latest webinars have focused on assessment and feedback and the Primary core curriculum subjects.

Upcoming webinars

Our next webinar will take place in March 2022 (date & time TBC).  A Teams link will be emailed to our ECTs to join the webinar.  The focus of this webinar is a general Q&A session focusing on the early days of your teaching career.  Our staff panel are looking forward to answering your questions.  

Past webinars

Our webinars are designed to offer our ECTs a space for them to discuss their experiences and for our staff to continue to support them. Given that staff and schools are identifiable, recordings of most webinars are not appropriate for a wider audience. You will see below a taster of different webinars that we have offered in the past and a previous recording focusing on meeting the needs of all pupils.

Collage of our past webinars
We would like to thank Ian Wilson for his technical support with this and other previous webinars

Webinar on Mental health & well-being 20.01.22