Welcome to Year 2 – Your journey towards becoming a teacher continues!

The information below is for student teachers who are moving into the second year of the programme from September 2022


An Introduction from Ian Wilson, Year 2 Lead

Ian Wilson

Hi, my name is Ian Wilson, and I am year lead for the second year. As year lead, I communicate with you the overview of the year. This allows you to see where your assignments are due and where your placement will be. I meet with the group representatives each semester where they provide feedback on what is going well and areas that need to be developed. You will see me throughout the year, and I am available to support you alongside your academic tutor, if needed.

The second year of your programme is the first year that starts to contribute to your final degree classification. To support you with your academic writing, you will have sessions that concentrate on accessing educational journals and developing your critical analysis, both essential elements of your assignments and presentations.

The second year is also when the 3-7 and 5-11 programmes differ. While the 5-11 will be covering the key stage two content for the foundation subjects, the 3-7 groups will have dedicated sessions focusing on teaching children in the foundation stages.

Research is an important aspect of practice. In the second year you will begin your more formal journey as a researcher, which will continue into the third year when you will design and carry out your own research project

Your school placement occurs later in the year so that you can apply all the theoretical knowledge to your practice. After some serial days, when you will be able to get to know your class, you will complete a five-week placement, teaching up to 70% of the timetable.

As you can see the second year is an important year where you will develop not only your teaching but also your academic writing in preparation for your final year of the programme.

Key Staff Contacts

Year 2 Lead: Ian Wilson i.wilson@yorksj.ac.uk

Academic Tutors:

Ian Wilson i.wilson@yorksj.ac.uk

Louise Whitfield l.whitfield@yorksj.ac.uk

Steph Jach s.jach@yorksj.ac.uk

Lucy Sors l.sors@yorksj.ac.uk

Module Information

In Year 2, you will study five modules (including school experience).  Below you will find details of the module titles, codes and Module Directors and a brief summary of module content.  You will also find details of suggested pre-reading/ tasks to complete before starting these modules.  Please note, if there is no pre-task information given, the Module Director has not specified any pre-tasks.  Any queries, please contact the Module Director. 

Module Code, Title & Module Director Module Summary Pre-tasks to complete before starting the module

QTS5001M – Professional Studies 2: Becoming a Teacher

Louise Whitfield

Whilst this module is based around the same key topics as Professional Studies 1, you will cover new ground and delve deeper into them. There is a stronger focus on special educational needs, disabilities and inclusion. Learning to meet the needs of all individuals is an important part of the primary teacher’s role, and in this module you will discover how to adapt your teaching to ensure the progression of all children. You will learn about the legislation surrounding Special Educational Needs (SEN), its historical context and how we define different groups of learners.

QTS5002M – The Primary Core Curriculum 2

Linda Mason, Andy Atkins & Helen Lambirth

Building on the first year core curriculum module, you will further develop your subject specific skills, knowledge and understanding of the three core subjects of the primary National Curriculum. There will be a strong focus on mapping progression within the subjects. This includes considering and evaluating effective assessment strategies. The module will allow you to make direct links between theory and practice, through tasks which reflect authentic classroom experience.

1) Revisit your targets from the subject knowledge audits for English, mathematics and science and work on achieving your targets, if not met yet; 

2) Reflect on what strategies you have used and how you have achieved your targets. 

 We will be building on this for the first Core Curriculum assignment in Y2. 

QTS5003M – The Primary Wider Curriculum 2 (for upper trainees only)

Stephanie Jach

This module consolidates and extends the subject knowledge you will have built in the first year wider curriculum module. You will only study this module if you are on the 5-11 pathway, and we specifically focus on the wider curriculum at Key Stage 2. You will be encouraged to reflect on how innovative practices can be incorporated into your teaching across a broad, balanced curriculum. You will also consider the role of learning outside the classroom.

QTS5004M – The Early Years Foundation Stage (for lower trainees only)

Louise Whitfield

The Early Years Foundation Stage requires distinctive approaches to learning, teaching and assessment. You will only study this module if you are on the 3-7 pathway. This is your opportunity to focus on specific pedagogical issues relating to early childhood. You will critically consider the current curriculum for this age group, evaluate recent research into the learning needs of young children, and identify the principles of early years education. You will also consider the role of learning outside the classroom across the curriculum.

Spend at least two days in an early years setting. 

 If you have completed SE1 in EYFS, look at a contrasting setting e.g. if you have been in reception, look at gaining some experience in a nursery, or in a different sized or type of setting.  It is up to you to choose and contact the setting but please remember to look at Ofsted reports in order to choose wisely!   

 The purpose of the visit is to reflect on and analyse provision and take some to time to shadow members of staff.  You will be expected to use your observational skills to gain information, and to be involved in dialogue with members of staff from the setting.  Following your visits, we will discuss your reflections during sessions. It is important to have experience in EYFS that you can draw upon in the module. 

QTS5005M – School Experience 2

Sarah Clarke

This placement represents a step up from your first, in that you will be leading the teaching in a classroom on your own. This placement is also longer, and you will build up to teaching 60-70% of the timetable. You will develop a more autonomous and independent role in the classroom and become part of the wider life of the school as you progress towards your QTS status. You will also be required to critically reflect on your own continuing professional development as a teacher and as a student.

QTS5006M – The Research Informed Professional 1

Peter Raymond

This module will begin your critical journey as a teacher-researcher. You will engage with a range of established educational research before moving on to learning how to plan, design and carry out your own research project. You will gain an understanding of research methods and approaches, as well as learning to communicate arguments effectively through presentations. This will also enable you to use published research to inform your teaching.