Smith and Waugh Talk About Satire

Spinning out of the ongoing ‘Satire: Births, Deaths and Legacies’ project, and in association with the York Research Unit for the Study of Satire, this monthly podcast sees Drs Adam J Smith and Jo Waugh talk about the form, function, future and history of satire.

Adam and Jo are be joined by a range of guests, including both scholars and practitioners of satire.

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SEASON 2 (2019-20)

Episode 2.10. Satire, Social Justice and Offence 

In this long awaited and highly anticipated episode, Adam and Jo discuss comedy, humour, offence, a fence, and much more, with very special guest Dr Sharon Lockyer. Is social justice a legitimate target for satire, or can comedy promote its causes? When it comes to crossing the line, how far is too far? Should Fawlty Towers be cancelled? Was Little Britain ever funny? Is it satire to imply Sir Keir Starmer has a lot of underpants? 

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Episode 2.9. The Bonus Mail Bag Episode

After pestering listeners to give them a yell for the past 18 months, Jo and Adam finally take a minute (or rather 63) to respond to all of the comments, questions and queries that have either landed in their satirical inbox ( or hit them up in socials. Some are real, some are fictional, but each inspires a compelling, controversial or comedic discussion of the form, function, history and future of satire. And, since this is a bonus episode, Adam and Jo also take this opportunity to homage two of their own favourite podcasts. 

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Episode 2.8. Satire in Lockdown 2: Staying Alert

As unprecedented times become the new normal, Jo and Adam return for another unprecedented episode which follows the precedent set by the last unprecedented episode they released in May. That’s right, it’s time for another Satire in Lockdown Round-Up! With the government’s new and confusing message proving almost as viral as the virus, the PM’s chief advisor flagrantly breaking the rules he helped to write and everyone else communicating almost exclusively through Zoom, there’s been plenty of fodder for the satirists. 

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Episode 2.7. Satire in Lockdown

We’re living in unprecedented times: life is imitating art and satire as well. But can satire itself survive the virus? Who’s been satirising what, and has it even remotely helped?

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Episode 2.6. Satire, Context and Curation

In episode 6 of season 2, Jo and Adam talk to Dr Sarah Burnage, curator of Fairfax House, about the peculiar challenges of presenting historical satire to contemporary audiences. Is satire more dependant on context than other literary forms, comedic or otherwise? What happens when satire is severed from its moment of production? When does satire becomes propaganda or misinformation? Sarah talks about her longstanding interest in eighteenth-century art history, and how she came to forge a career in the heritage industry. She also shares her experience curating an exhibition all about the savage satire of James Gillray in the summer of 2019.

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Episode 2.5. Satire, Women and Elitism (with Janey Godley)

In episode 5 of season 2, Adam and Jo talk to comedian Janey Godley, about satire, swearing, and elitism. Janey hit the headlines in 2016 when she held a sign stating that “Trump is a C*nt” during Donald Trump’s visit to the Turnberry Golf Resort, but she’s also been a successful stand-up comedian for over 20 years, as well as a regular on Have I Got News for You and Radio 4’s Just A Minute and the maker of comedy voice-over clips  which she posts on Twitter. So – can anyone do satire? Well, one of the three of us in this episode definitely can: the other two try their best.

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Episode 2.4. 2019: A Year In Satire


In the first episode of 2020, Jo and Adam pick out the biggest moments of satire from the past 12 months. This was the year that saw Alan Partridge return to the small screen, Chris Morris return to the big screen and Stewart Lee return to the stage. In the news, it also gave us #Hairgate, Fact Check UK and a Brexit that was always just around the corner.

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Episode 2.3. It’s a Satirical Life: Satire & Christmas

In their very first Christmas episode, Jo and Adam take a break from asking whether satire is dead, and imagine what it might have been like if it had never been born at all. No expense has been spared on members of the cast, as they take a rollercoaster ride through a very partial history of satire. They then discuss the satirical possibilities of Christmas itself, and are joined by Dr Matt Colbeck of the virtuoso Math Rock band, Creepjoint to ponder this. 

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Episode 2.2. Satire: Woke Politics and Political Triablism


In episode 1 of season 2, anonymous Twitter account DM Reporter commented that you can’t be a satirist if you write for the Daily Mail. In this episode Adam and Jo talk to Andrew Doyle about that argument, and about Andrew’s own satirical Twitter account, “Titania McGrath.” Who are his targets, and how does he hope to change their minds? Is there any hope for the future? And exactly what was wrong with Frankie Boyle’s “joke” about Katie Price and her son?

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Episode 2.1. Confessions of The DM Reporter

Unlike Alan Partridge, Adam and Jo got a second season, and they use this first episode to talk to the anonymous author on long-running parody Twitter account DM Reporter about how he got started, what it is like trolling the Daily Mail for almost a decade, why he can’t stop and whether or not it is satire just to say crazy things that people people have up-voted.

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Season 2: Prologue. 

Adam and Jo plan the forthcoming series, reflecting on the challenges that might arise from shifting the focus from scholars of satire to its contemporary practitioners, such as Andrew Doyle, Janey Godley and the DM Reporter. They also discuss Shropshire Farm Foods, a delicious ready mean delivered to your very door. 

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SEASON 1 (2018-19)

Episode 1. Pilot: What even is satire?

Adam and Jo start at the very beginning with the biggest question of all: what even is satire? What did it used to be in the olden days and what is it now, in the age of Twitter, Trump and Brexit?

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Episode 2. Satire and Celebrity











Jo and Adam are joined by Gráinne O’Hare (Newcastle University) and Katie Snow (University of Exeter) to talk about the relationship between satire and celebrity and consider the position of the woman as satirist and the subject of satire.

Release date: 14/3/2019

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Episode 3. Satire and the Novel 

What is the difference between a satirical novel and a novel with satire in it? Adam and Jo are joined by Dr Helen Williams (Northumbria University) to talk about one of the best known satirical novels of all time: Laurence Sterne’s The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gent

Release date: 11/4/2019

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Episode 4. Satire and the Image

Do you need words to do satire? If a picture can say a thousand words, how much satire can it do? Adam and Jo are joined by Wendy McGlashan (University of Aberdeen) to talk about eighteenth-century print-maker, miniaturist and satire merchant, John Kay.

Release date: 9/5/2019

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Episode 5. Satire and Laughter


Should satire make us laugh? Is satire always funny? Why do we laugh at things anyway? Adam and Jo are joined by Dr Kate Davison (University of Sheffield) to talk about the social history of laughter, and the various satires of the eighteenth-century tavern keeper Ned Ward.

Release date: 13/6/2019

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Episode 6. Satire and Women

Has satire ever really been a “man’s game”? Does satire work differently when written by women? Or when women are the targets? How is sexuality treated by satire? Adam and Jo are joined by Professor Karen Harvey (University of Birmingham) to talk about satire, sex and gender.

Release date: 4/7/2019

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