Smith and Waugh Talk About Satire

Spinning out of the ongoing ‘Satire: Births, Deaths and Legacies’ project, this monthly podcast sees Drs Adam J Smith and Jo Waugh talk about the form, function, future and history of British satire.

Adam and Jo will be joined by a range of guests, including both scholars and practitioners of satire.

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Episode 1. Pilot: What even is satire?

Adam and Jo start at the very beginning with the biggest question of all: what even is satire? What did it used to be in the olden days and what is it now, in the age of Twitter, Trump and Brexit?

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Episode 2. Satire and Celebrity

Jo and Adam are joined by Gráinne O’Hare (Newcastle University) and Katie Snow (University of Exeter) to talk about the relationship between satire and celebrity and consider the position of the woman as satirist and the subject of satire.

Release date: 14/3/2019

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Episode 3. Satire and the Novel 

What is the difference between a satirical novel and a novel with satire in it? Adam and Jo are joined by Dr Helen Williams (Northumbria University) to talk about one of the best known satirical novels of all time: Laurence Sterne’s The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gent

Release date: 11/4/2019

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Episode 4. Satire and the Image

Do you need words to do satire? If a picture can say a thousand words, how much satire can it do? Adam and Jo are joined by Wendy McGlashan (University of Aberdeen) to talk about eighteenth-century print-maker, miniaturist and satire merchant, John Kay.

Release date: 9/5/2019

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Episode 5. Satire and Laughter

Should satire make us laugh? Is satire always funny? Why do we laugh at things anyway? Adam and Jo are joined by Dr Kate Davison (University of Sheffield) to talk about the social history of laughter, and the various satires of the eighteenth-century tavern keeper Ned Ward.

Release date: 6/6/2019

Episode 6. Satire, Sex and Gender

Has satire ever really been a “man’s game”? Does satire work differently when written by women? Or when women are the targets? How is sexuality treated by satire? Adam and Jo are joined by Professor Karen Harvey (Birmingham University) to talk about satire, sex and gender.

Release date: 4/7/2019

Bonus Episode. Summer Special: The Future of Satire

It’s a big satirepalloza as Adam and Jo talk to both returning guests (and some very special surprise guests!) about what the future holds for satire.

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Release date: 8/8/2019