People Talking About ‘Satire & the Future: Can The Satirists Still Save Us’

On 25 March Adam and Jo delivered an event at the York Literary Festival titled ‘Satire and the Future: Can the Satirists Still Save Us.’ These are the comments left by the audience.

Very much enjoyed the event! The event was very relevant to the current political climate and changed the way I view and interact with satire. I will never look at a political cartoon or sardonic tweet the same way again. Please make this a regular event – am looking forward to the book!

Very much enjoyed this event. 12/10. Really useful to consider historical legacy and current ramifications of satire. Definitely more sardonic now. 

Lovely evening, great discussion point and interaction between Dr Smith and Dr Waugh. The discussion raised some very interesting questions regarding the debate around satire and the broad political situation. 

Thoroughly enjoyed. Useful in that it gave me food for thought. Certainly made me review my preconceptions about satire. 

Really made me think about the relationship between the individual and “the idea”. Does shame matter? Great evening! 

Loved the handouts – hand’t seen these caricatures before. Will be keeping an eye out for contemporary satire! 

I really enjoyed it and it gave me lots of insights into satire’s history and modern use. It’s made me think about social media and satire and the way I myself use satire/social media.

Excellent Talk! I learned a lot about satire – much more that I thought I knew and it changed some of my perceptions abut its role and value in contemporary discourse.