6.1. “Doctor, Doctor, I Feel Like a Wizardy Weather Weirdo”: Satire & Charlatanism, from Quacky Hacky Doctors to Winnie the Pooh (& Yellowface)


In a desperate bid to amass quantifiable impact for their research… Adam and Jo talk about the satire they’ve identified in their recent projects, both of which involve the relationship between literature and medicine. From ‘living barometers’ to ‘fits of apoplectic rage’, it seems when it comes to discussions of wellness and weather, satire is never far away. They also take a deep dive into the world of Winnie the Pooh to answer a recent listener question about the possible statues of Eeyore as a Juvenalian satirist. Also featuring the launch of the Smith & Waugh Satirical Summer Read 2023, in which you are all invited to join us in reading Rebecca F Kuang’s brand new satirical novel, “Yellowface.”