1.1. Pilot: What Even Is Satire?

Adam and Jo start at the very beginning with the biggest question of all: what even is satire? What did it used to be in the olden days and what is it now, in the age of Twitter, Trump and Brexit?

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In this episode Adam and Jo talk about:

  • Alexander Pope
  • Ali G
  • Armando Iannucci
  • A Modest Proposal 
  • Brass Eye
  • Brexit
  • Brexit 50p
  • Chris Morris
  • David Schneider 
  • Definitions of satire
  • The Death of Stalin
  • Donald Trump
  • The Dunciad
  • Fake News and spin
  • Festival of Brexit
  • George III doing a poo in a field
  • John Dryden
  • Jonathan Pie
  • Jonathan Swift
  • Ian Hislop
  • ‘I Object’ Exhibition at the British Museum
  • Lee Mack
  • Michael McIntyre
  • Penguins in the White House
  • Piers Morgan 
  • Political correctness (mad?)
  • Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who is America?
  • Scriblerius Club
  • South Park
  • Stewart Lee
  • Theresa May
  • Twitter

Next Episode:

Satire and Celebrity

Jo and Adam are joined by Gráinne O’Hare (Newcastle University) and Katie Snow (University of Exeter) to talk about the relationship between satire and celebrity and consider the position of the woman as satirist and the subject of satire.

Release date: 14/3/2019