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“Listening to this podcast is like listening to a protracted in-joke you’re not a part of.”

Adam’s Dad on Smith and Waugh Talk About Satire

“I might come to this event if I don’t have any teaching the next day.”

Jo’s Dad on Satire & the Future: Can The Satirists Still Save Us?

“It sounds like Adam and Jo are having fun, at least.”

Dr Liesl King, Deputy Head of the School of Humanities, Religion and Philosophy at York St John University on Smith and Waugh Talk About Satire


“This content comes across a bit hurried-you are usually incredibly precise with your reasoning.”

‘Free Loan No Credit Check’, posted in comments.

“This is a perfect public engagement project because it is popularly intelligible whilst also proving intellectually credible.”

A Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Literature at York St John University on Satire: Deaths, Births, Legacies.

Just to say I listened to the first 2 episodes of the satire podcast last night and am now a fan. Please keep pumping out those episodes. (Stewart Lee doesn’t know what he’s missing.)

Dr Alex Wylie, Lecture in Liberal Arts at York St John University on Smith and Waugh Talk About Satire.

“The Smith and Waugh Talk About Satire podcast is an innovative way to encapsulate cutting-edge academic research, current events and lols. Both lecturers have incited my interests for postgraduate study and provided insight into what I hope my future career looks like. They are incredible minds, tutors and humans and fully deserve this award.”

A testimonial provided by an anonymous student nominating Smith and Waugh Talk About Satire in for the ‘Pedagogical Research Award’ at the York St John University Student Union Awards. 


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