2.4. 2019: A Year In Satire

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In the first episode of 2020, Jo and Adam pick out the biggest moments of satire from the past 12 months. This was the year that saw Alan Partridge return to the small screen, Chris Morris return to the big screen and Stewart Lee return to the stage. In the news, it also gave us #Hairgate, Fact Check UK and a Brexit that was always just around the corner.

In this episode Adam and Jo talk about:

A ditch (to die in)

Alan Partridge

Andrew Doyle

Ariana Grand, (‘Seven Rings’)

Avicii, (‘SOS’)


Ben Jennings 

Boris Johnson


Change UK

Charlie Brooker

Chris Morris


Conservative Party

Danny Baker

David Cameron 

David Taylor (Picture House Cinema York)

Dick Chaney 

Donald Trump

Emily Maitlis 

Extinction Rebellion 

Fact Check UK 

Freedom of Speech in Comedy Lecture

General Election 

George W. Bush

George Osbourne 

Graham Linehan 


Irish Backstop

Jamie Oliver

Janey Godley

Jeremy Kyle 

JoJo Rabbit (dir. by Taika Waititi)

Knowing Me, Knowing You (with Alan Partridge) 

LadBaby (‘I Love Sausage Rolls’) 

Led By Donkeys

Little Mix (‘Bounce Back’)

Lizzo (‘Good As Hell’)

London Bridge Attack 

Mabel (‘Don’t Call Me Up’, ‘Mad Love’)

Macho Man Randy Savage

Maroon 5 (‘Memories)


Micheal Spicer 

Michel Foucault 

Midsommar (dir. Ari Aster) 


Narwhal Tusk

Noel Edmonds 

Operation Yewtree

Patisserie Valerie

Parasite (dir. Bong Joon-ho)

People’s March 

P!nk (‘Walk Me Home’)

Pizza Express

Prince Andrew

Prince Philip 

Sausage Rolls

Screen Wipe

Shropshire Farm Foods

Snowflake Tornado (with Stewart Lee)

Spitting Images

South Park (‘Board Girls’)

Steve Coogan

Stewart Lee, March of the Lemmings

The Independent Group 

Theresa May

The Conversation UK 

The Day Shall Come (dir. Chris Morris)

This Time (with Alan Partridge) 

Thomas Cook

Titania McGrath


Vice (dir. Adam McKay)

Woke, by Titania McGarth


York Literature Festival 

Young T & Bugsey ft. Aitch (‘Strike A Pose’)

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