2.10. Satire, Social Justice and Offence (with Dr Sharon Lockyer)

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In this long awaited and highly anticipated episode, Adam and Jo discuss comedy, humour, offence, a fence, and much more, with very special guest Dr Sharon Lockyer. Is social justice a legitimate target for satire, or can comedy promote its causes? When it comes to crossing the line, how far is too far? Should Fawlty Towers be cancelled? Was Little Britain ever funny? Is it satire to imply Sir Keir Starmer has a lot of underpants? 

In this episode, Jo and Adam and Sharon talk about:

Beyond a Joke: The Limits of Humour, Sharon Lockyer

Bo Selecta

Black Lives Matter

Blacking Up


Boris Johnson

Brass Eye, “Paedogeddon”

Calvin Klein Briefs

Charlie Hebdo

Charlotte’s Web

Chris Morris



Dead Ringers


Elements of Style

Elwyn Brooks White

Fawlty Towers

The Guardian

Have I Got News For You

Having a sense of humour

Holocaust jokes


Identities and groups

John Cleese

Keir Starmer

Laughter and lols.

Little Britain

Live Performances

Michael Spicer



Private Eye

Political Correctness

Silvio Berlusconi

Social Justice

Social Media

Steve Bell

The “just a joke” response

The Olden Days

Stand-Up Comedy


Stewart Lee

The Centre for Comedy Studies 

Titania McGrath

The York Research Unit for the Study of Satire

“Woke Culture”