5.10. Coronation Satire: Charles III, Memes & Themes


Horatian, Juvenalian, Menippean? Jo and Adam examine some of the big satirical moments of the coronation of Charles III to work out what kind of satire they were, what they were targeting and, more importantly, whether or not they were funny. From “Poundland” Penny Mordant’s big sword, to the spare Camillas and the King’s revision cards, all the way through to the things that no other country can do, when it came to generating memes the British public very much rose to the occasion. Jo and Adam also consider the mainstream satire of Harry Enfield (The Windsors: Coronation Special), Frankie Boyle (Farewell to the Monarchy) and Stewart Lee (‘God Save the King, but what about the Planet’, The Guardian). Along the way they also pause to dwell on bigger questions: what is Menippean satire? What does it actually mean to swear allegiance? And is it a corrigible or incorrigible fault to have a big nasty face for genitals?

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