4.1. Satire (Legit Reboothed): Bo Burnham, Chris Morris & the Limits of Satire

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In this momentous episode, Jo and Adam finally return to their trusty recording booth for the first episode to be recorded in-person and on-location since March 2020. Once back in the booth Adam and Jo mark the anniversary of Chris Morris’s Brass Eye Special, “Paedogeddon!”, which remains one of the twenty-first-century’s most polarizing and controversial works of satire twenty years later. They’re joined by Dr Robert Edgar, Senior Lecturer in Film and Media and fellow member of the York Research Unit for the Study of Satire (YRUSOS), who helps them determine whether or not Morris is a classic satirist in the Juvenallian tradition of Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope or indeed, as he was branded by the tabloid press at the time, some kind of demented “media terrorist.” Jo and Adam also revisit their discussion of Bo Burnham’s Inside from the last episode and add a few further, qualifying reflections. This is satire, reboothed.