5.5. Christmas Special: The Crown, I’m A Celeb, Elf(ish) Behavior & Satire

Would you like to hear a (satirical) Christmas story? Then wrap yourselves up warm, settle down, and listen as Mama Satyre tells a heart-warming festive tale that has to be heard to be believed… That’s right! It’s that most magical time of year: time for the annual Smith & Waugh Christmas Special! Join us for the story of Snarky, the human boy inexplicably raised as a Satyre (a male nature spirit with ears and tail resembling those of a horse and a permanent, exaggerated erection), a thorough investigation into whether or not The Crown and I’m A Celebrity are in any way satirical and our host’s recommendations of two books to buy that satirical person in your life this Christmas: Christopher Wilson’s Hurdy Gurdy and Rutu Modan’s Tunnels. Merry Christmas to all and to all: Sit Up, Shut Up and Eat Our Satire! Ho ho ho.

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