Talk About Satire: Twitter Q&A, 4 April 2020

Here comes an exciting satirical event that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home!

There was a time, not very long ago, when people were allowed to go outside and attend group gatherings. This might sound strange to you, but this was also a time when a highly contagious virus wasn’t yet stalking every street, postponing every event. During these heady, halcyon days, we had planned a series of public events as part of the York Literature Festival which we all about satire. These events were intended to launch a now-postponed exhibition at Fairfax House titled ‘Keeping up with the Georgians: Celebrity, Satire and Celebrity‘ and the public reveal of the recently formed York Research Unit for the Study of Satire (YRUSOS)

We’re doing everything we can to rearrange as much of these events as we can for the likely distant future times, but in the meantime, we thought we’d arrange a virtual discussion of satire using the internet!

At 14:00-15 GMT on Saturday 4 April, YRUSOS co-directors and Smith & Waugh Talk About Satire co-hosts Drs Jo Waugh and Adam James Smith will be available to respond to your comments and questions about any aspect of satire!

You can either the discussion live using the hashtag #TalkAboutSatire or you can  email your comments and questions to 

We’re interesting in hearing any and all of your thoughts about satire!

On the podcast so far we’ve talk about: satire & celebrities, satire & literature, satire & caricature, satire & laughter, satire & women, satire & woke politics, satire & political tribalism, satire & elitism and satire & context. 

We also want to know:

  • Do you think Satire is dead? Or, do you think the golden age of satire has passed?
  • What role do you see satire playing in our present moment?
  • Are there any works of satire that you really love and would like to recommend? 

We’ll be recording a special episode of the podcast after the Q&A where we’ll be responding to your submissions in greater detail. 

Also keep an eye on this site and our Twitter (@SatireNoMore) for more bonus content over the next few weeks to keep everyone talking about satire whilst we’re all locked indoors!

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  1. Satire is not dead, it’s just comatose, in ICU, on life support, breathing through a much-coveted ventilation tube, meaning that a Covid-19 infectee might not make it…


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