Introducing (In)Justice International

The Institute for Social Justice and Injustice International are pleased to announce a partnership over the next year (2021-22), headed by Dr Adam Formby (Senior lecturer in Sociology and Criminology, York Business School). Injustice International aims to uncover, expose and publicise injustices/atrocities committed against the environment, indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, gendered inequalities and discrimination, refugees, disabled people, the so-called ‘troublesome youth’ and people from poorer class backgrounds.

Moreover, Injustice International brings together researchers and practitioners from around the world from fields such as: sociology, social policy, politics, disability studies, human geography, economics, criminology, legal activism, migration studies and investigative reporting to fight against global injustice through books, journals, newsletters, workshops and annual conventions. You can find out more at: (In)Justice International (

In 2021, Injustice International organized our first global conference: the ‘(In)Justice International Workshops on Crime, Criminalisation’ (which ran on March 31st to April 21st 2021). We had 24 organisational partners supporting the workshop activities from around the world (including York St John). Over the four conferences, there were 522 attendances in total from 28 countries around the world.

Our first book: ‘Crime, Criminalisation and Injustice’ (Anthem Press) arriving in 2022 and we also have a special issue in the Journal of Social Inclusion titled: ‘Critical Refugee Intersections: Before, During, and After Flight’ (please see Next Issues | Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal | Cogitatio Press or contact Dr Adam Formby for details if interested in submission).

We are currently planning for our next annual conference: ‘Conflict, Confinement & Immorality’ (22nd to 25th March 2022) at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. This will be a hybrid conference including both live workshops and digital online participation from colleagues around the world. Please see the following link for more information: Copy of 2022, Convention – CCI Introduction (Eng) (

The partnership will lead to several joint events over the next few year between Institute for Social Justice and Injustice International, most immediately a podcast episode, ‘Global Social Injustice’, including colleagues from both Injustice International and the Institute of Social Justice. 

Colleagues from York St John University are encouraged to get in touch with Adam Formby if they are interested in participating in this new partnership.