Enough is Enough: a carnival on climate change

Day 10 of COP26. Today and tomorrow we hear from students who are taking action on climate. Henry Dawson, 3rd year Drama and Theatre student, uses his skills as a facilitator and performer to give young people a platform to raise their voices on climate. 

During Lockdown I helped to organise and run a summer school to encourage young people to be more active and aware of climate change and climate issues. This resulted in two outcomes, firstly we created a show commenting on climate change and the young people’s thoughts on it, which we invited our local MP to attend so they could see the feeling of young people in regard to this current issue.

Secondly, my friend and colleague who lives and studies in Scotland was aware of the group Oi Musica who were working on creating a song collaborating with a number of youth groups around Britain to tackle the subject of Climate change, we then worked with the young people in the summer school as well as the Youth contingent of our local Samba band to collaborate with Oi Musica’s larger project and add the voices of our local young people to their song Enough is Enough, to get the results we wanted within the time and spaces we had available ended up being a little more than we bargained for but we achieved as much as, if not more than we expected and I hope the results can speak for themselves.


Tomorrow’s post comes from Joel Flowers, chair of the student Environmental Society, inviting fellow students to get involved in their environmental projects and campaigns.