As COP26 draws to a close, so does the #ClimateJusticeTakeover of the ISJ blog. Chair of the YSJU student Environmental Society Joel Flowers rounds things off by inviting fellow students to get involved in action locally.

Fundraising for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Hello my name is Joel and I am chairman of the YSJ Environmental society. The reason I started this society four months ago was in order to create a place where we can do our part in trying to help out the planet. It’s a place free of judgement, no long term commitment required and full of people who want to help our planet. Every month we support a new nominated environmental charity and do fundraisers with them, This month we are continuing with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. This month we raised almost £200 for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust!

Environmental Society members at the recent Youth Strike for Climate

We also attended the Climate Strike demonstrations on the streets of York. Fighting against climate change and voicing our worries for the planet. We’re all here to educate each other and learn about how to really make a difference so, if you don’t want that hidden gem of knowledge to go to waste or want to learn about ways to help, we are the perfect place to start! Find us on the SU website or on our Instagram!




We hope you have enjoyed this series of posts giving perspectives on climate justice from all across the university. Follow @YSJEcolJustice on Twitter to keep tabs on the initiatives, research and teaching innovations that we’ve covered. Staff and postgraduate researchers at YSJU may also be interested to join the Ecological Justice Research Group – contact co-coordinators Jude Parks and Cath Heinemeyer.