Report launch from the ‘Bring your Voice to the World Cafe’ event

In May, researchers at YSJ held a World Café Event in collaboration with Our City Hub at York Explore Library to find out about migrants’ perspectives about what research academics should prioritise when they ask questions about migrant communities. Following analysis of data, the team has written a research report which is now published on the ISJ website.

The report highlights current challenges faced by the migrant community living in York, recommendations on what type of research is important/relevant to them, and how they want to be involved in future research. Challenges are mostly related to language barriers and negative views about migrants, which seem to create several constraints in relation to employment, access to healthcare, housing, and education. Participants identified insufficient support and services related to medicine and healthcare, transport and mobility, childcare, free and accessible English courses, and lack of opportunities for personal and professional development. In terms of research, participants suggested the need for research that is co-produced in collaboration with migrant communities and that recognises the diversity within the community.

Looking to the future

The aim of the World Café was to develop a long-term partnership with Our City Hub and develop further research activities. This shared goal is reflected in a Memorandum of understanding between YSJ and Our City Hub. Based on the findings from the World Café, researchers at YSJ will now develop a research plan that reflects the perspectives of those that participated in the café.