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Statement on Israel/Gaza from staff at CRiS

11th October 2023

We are deeply distressed by the escalation of violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, and the increase in suffering, trauma and fear for those affected. The targeting of civilians is immoral and illegal. The use of collective punishment is immoral and illegal. The continuing cycle of violence in the region increases antisemitism and Islamophobia across the globe. As a Centre for Religion in Society, we support the right of all people to have their human rights respected and to live in peace, free from occupation. We call on the international community to uphold international law, call for a ceasefire and a de-escalation, prioritise humanitarian aid, and work towards a lasting peaceful solution.   


Prof. Esther McIntosh, Director of the Centre for Religion in Society

Prof. Emeritus Pauline Kollontai, Co-Editor On the Significance of Religion for Human Rights

Dr Ayla Göl, Senior Lecturer in International Relations

Dr Victoria Nesfield, Lecturer in Religion

Dr Sharon Jagger, Senior Lecturer in Religion

Dr Christopher Kirkland, Senior Lecturer in Politics

Thomas Lockwood, Postgraduate Researcher in Politics

Jessica Davies, Postgraduate Researcher in International Relations

Alisha Biggs, Postgraduate Researcher in Literature and Religion

Rev. Andrew Village, Professor of Practical and Empirical Theology

Dr James Lorenz, Lecturer in Philosophy of Religion

Dr Sue Yore, Senior Lecturer in Religion

Dr Mark Dawson, Lecturer in Religion

Rev. Dr Graham Adams, Northern College Tutor

Our response to the war in Ukraine

Shortly after the invasion of Ukraine, we held a panel discussion led by researchers at York St. John with specialist knowledge. You can read the transcripts of the presentations here.

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Our research, whilst diverse in methodology and focus, explores how religion and belief impacts on how we build our social worlds, locally and globally, bringing academics and practitioners together.

At the heart of this research is the commitment to social justice and equality, a thread that runs through much of our individual and collaborative projects curated on this site.