Week commencing 19th September 2022

The BBC covers the continuing protests in Iran over the death of a woman in custody, arrested for violating the country’s strict dress laws. Women have been protesting for five days, publicly cutting their hair and burning hijabs.

The BBC also features a study that suggests Christian focused religious education in schools should be scrapped in Northern Ireland in favour of teaching more controversial issues.

According to the BBC, the daughter of late Archbishop Tutu, Mpho Tutu, has been barred by the Church of England from officiating at a funeral because she is married to a woman. She is an Anglican priest in the US. The diocese of Hereford, where the funeral is to take place, said it was a ‘difficult situation’.

The Guardian explains Hindu nationalism in the wake of disturbances in Leicester and parts of the US. The BBC offers further reportage on the recent clashes between Hindus and Muslims in the city.

The Guardian looks at think tank Theos’ study into census data on those who are non-religious – a group described as on the rise.