Ebor Lectures

The Ebor Lectures in Theology and Public Life were established in 2006 in York, UK to promote conversation across a diversity of religious beliefs and issues of public concern. The Ebor Lectures are offered free-of-charge to the general public providing a space where experts and practitioners from a range of communities ­- such as educational institutions, public interest groups, religious movements, charitable and political organisations – can share knowledge and provoke reflection contributing to creative personal and collective decision-making for the benefit of society. Speakers have included archbishops, cabinet ministers, social activists, journalists, astronomers, peace-workers, authors and many others.

The Ebor Lectures are an ecumenical project jointly sponsored and organised by York Minster, York St John University, The Methodist Church (Yorkshire North and East District), The C. & J. B. Morrell Trust and the York Area Society of Friends (Quakers).

Relaunch 2023

During the Covid pandemic, the Ebor Lectures could no longer be held in-person, and while some virtual talks took place, the lack of in-person engagement was missed. At the start of the academic year 2022-23, Professor Esther McIntosh took over the directorship of the Centre for Religion in Society at York St John University with the aim of bolstering a research seminar series and reinvigorating the link between the University and the wider public, especially religion/faith and social justice (in keeping with the York St John ethos) by revamping the Ebor Lectures in collaboration with the sponsors listed above and the new Head of the School of Humanities at York St John University, Dr Anne-Marie Evans.

Our vision is to re-launch the Ebor Lectures in autumn 2023. Our aim is to hold two lectures per year: an autumn lecture to be held at York St John University with a drinks reception hosted by the Centre for Religion in Society and the School of Humanities, and a spring lecture to be held at York Minster (if possible). Speakers will be invited with the intention of drawing a public audience. Lectures will be free and hybrid to maximise accessibility, recorded and hosted on the York St John University YouTube channel under the Centre for Religion in Society playlist. The selection of speakers will be invited by the Ebor Committee in keeping with the York St John University policies regarding diversity and inclusion.   

For information about speakers and tickets, please see the ‘News and Events’ section