Week commencing 25th October 2021

The BBC report that a promising musician based in London has been given an ultimatum by his record label, Island, that he must commit to his music rather than putting his faith first. Alex Clare pulled out of a tour supporting Adele because some of the gigs fell on the Jewish holiday Passover as well as on the Sabbath. The singer turned to Orthodox Judaism in his 20s.

Also featured by the BBC is the story of how Kenyan churches are banning politicians from using pulpits for political purposes.

The Guardian reports on the decline of Church of England numbers in attendance on Sundays and the implication for the numbers of stipendiary clergy the Church can support in the future.

The Guardian also carries a story of UK church leaders criticising bishops in Ghana who support anti-LGBT legislation in the country.

The BBC feature a discussion on the issues facing Muslims who are black to mark Black History Month.

The BBC news website also features the continuing discussion about conversion therapy experienced by some LGBTQ people in religious settings.

As a nod to Hallowe’en, the BBC runs a story on a ‘real life witch’ who has rejected a Christian upbringing in favour of a pagan spirituality.

At the start of COP26 the BBC report on how faith groups have been on pilgrimage to Glasgow, featuring Extinction Rebellion Faith, which draws on faith-based motivations for climate action.

Finally, again on the BBC news website, there is a story of a Baptist minister who was asked to leave his church when he came out as gay. He now runs what he calls an inclusive church.