Week commencing 15th May 2023

The BBC reports that the former Archbishop of York, Lord Sentamu, has been asked to step down from his Church role following a report that criticised his failure to respond adequately to child sex abuse allegations that were reported to him. He rejects the findings of the report.

Continuing coverage of a Christian ‘starvation cult’ in Kenya, the BBC reports that children were made targets for starvation in the final days of the cult’s activities. Children were ordered to fast and sit in the sun in order to die more quickly, alleges a former member of the group.

The BBC also reports that hundreds of churches in Scotland will have to close, according to the Church of Scotland trustees, as pre-pandemic attendance has not recovered and falling numbers leave many churches untenable.

The growth of Satan-worship in Boston in the US is reported on the BBC website with efforts being made to make the practices more accessible and better understood.