Week commencing 15th November 2021

The BBC report on a town in the US that is run by American Muslims. Hamtramck has elected an all-Muslim City Council and a Muslim mayor, becoming the first in the US to have a Muslim-American government. Once faced with discrimination, Muslim residents have become integral to this multicultural city, and now make up more than half its population. And despite economic challenges and intense cultural debates, residents in Hamtramck from different religious and cultural backgrounds coexist in harmony, making the city a meaningful case study for America’s future of rising diversity.

The BBC also ask whether Artificial Intelligence will transform religion as major global religions increasingly use technology.

The Guardian reports on the Liverpool bombing by focusing on suggestions that the man killed in the blast and named as the perpetrator was a convert to Christianity.

The Independent runs with a story from the US where around the country there has been a surge in requests for exemptions from vaccinations for religious reasons amongst police officers and hospital staff.