Week Commencing 14th June 2021

19th June

In The Guardian, French statesman Robert Schuman, a founding father of the European Union, has been given ‘venerable’ status by the Pope which could lead to possible sainthood.

17th June

Religion News Service reports that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favour of Catholic foster and adoption agency which has refused to work with same-sex couples.

The BBC reports that for the first time girls will be accepted into church music school attached to one of Germany’s most famous boys’ choirs – The Regensburger Domspatzen.

16th June

The Guardian reports, the Church of England is to investigate possible slave trade links of Queen Anne’s Bounty, a £9.2bn investment fund supporting parishes and cathedrals across the UK.

From Aljazeera, Southern Baptist leader wins 52 percent of vote at The Southern Baptist Convention, manages to tamp down a push from the right to move the already-conservative denomination further right.

15th June

Aljazeera reports: The Council on American Islamic Relations is urging Hilton Worldwide Holdings to cease planning to build a hotel on the site where Chinese officials bulldozed and desecrated a mosque lest they be complicit in the genocide against Muslim Uighurs.

The Guardian Reports: Saudi Arabia has executed a young man convicted of charges that stemmed from his involvement with an anti-government rebellion by minority Shia Muslims. However there has been public outcry over whether the young man was underage when he committed these crimes.

14th June

Aljazeera reports: Ziona Chana the man who headed a Christian sect that allowed polygamy has died aged 76, leaving behind 38 wives and 89 children.