Week commencing 21st March 2022

The BBC website carries a story about how an Evangelical movement spread through the national football team in Brazil in the 80s and 90s and whilst not as popular today, Evangelical Christianity still features prominently in the nation’s sporting life.

Also on the BBC: a vicar who was convicted after protesting with Xtinction Rebellion as a member of Christian Climate Action has had her conviction quashed. In her appeal, Rev Susan Parfitt said that climate justice was at the heart of Christianity.

The Church Times reported on the six safeguarding principles that have been set out by the Global Interfaith Commission, designed to protect LGBTQ+ within their religious communities. The principles were announced at the end of a conference hosted this week in the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office, which was attended by over 150 religious leaders, academics, and lay leaders from a range of backgrounds.

The Religious News Service reported that many congregations across the US have reopened, or have opened new congregations, coming out of health restrictions have recorded that there has been little change for in person church attendance, but the numbers for online attendance has remained steady over the last two years.