Upcoming Events for Centre for Religion in Society

Semester 1 2021-2 These events are open to everyone and are free

Wednesday 20th October 4pm to 5pm, room CD103

Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Dr Ayla Göl

What lessons can the International Community learn from its failure in Afghanistan?

Wednesday 27th October 4pm to 5pm, room CD103

Lecturer in Philosophy of Religion, Dr James Lorenz:

Andrei Tarkovsky’s Contemplative Cinema as Theological Attentiveness.

This presentation will consider the unique form and style of Tarkovsky’s filmmaking, suggesting that his cinema manifests an attentive and contemplative gaze, which – at its furthest extension – can become a form of prayer. In doing so, Tarkovsky reveals a certain theological power of film as an artistic medium.

Wednesday 10th November 4pm to 5pm, room CD103

Lecturer in Religion, Dr Vicky Nesfield

Holocaust Memory in the Shadow of Communism: Sighet, Romania
The Jewish community of Transylvania, present day Romania, was catastrophically impacted by the Holocaust, a history most famously told by Elie Wiesel, who was among those deported from his home in Sighet to Auschwitz-Birkenau. This presentation will discuss an ongoing research collaboration with the Curator of Elie Wiesel Memorial Houset, on how Holocaust memory in Romania is complicated by decades of Communism, Holocaust denial, the dominance of the Orthodox Church, and finally, Romania’s EU membership.

Wednesday 24th November 6.30 to 7.30pm, online event

Is God Northern?

Is there such a thing as Northern Christianity in England? Can we think of God as northern and working-class?

Join us for an online discussion with researchers Elli Wort and Nigel Rooms and stand-up poet Kate Fox on 24th November, 6.30pm. This is a free webinar and everyone is welcome. Click here for free registration.

Wednesday 8th December 4pm to 5pm, room CD103

Professor of Practical and Empirical Theology, Prof Andrew Village

The Complexities of Stewardship: Reflections of a Reconstituted Birdman

“Stewardship” is a notion often used in the Christian tradition to interpret human relationships with planet earth. In this talk I report some of my empirical findings among churchgoers that support the importance of stewardship as a theological idea, but then use my own experience as a former (and recently renewed) ornithologist to problematize this idea. Is it time to stop pretending?

Tuesday 14th December, 5pm, online event

Building Inclusive Communities

Is it possible for everyone to experience a sense of belonging? Why is there an increasing sense of exclusion in many sectors of society? What might it take for us to create inclusive communities? This webinar addresses these questions from various perspectives to highlight instances of exclusion in global development paradigms, in our institutions and in everyday community experiences. This is a free webinar and everyone is welcome. For tickets, click here.

All welcome. All events are free to attend.